Grease Trap Cleaning

We deliver clean, affordable, and licensed grease trap cleaning solutions for your business. Hundreds of businesses in the Northeast Texas area trust us with their grease trap cleaning needs!

The Restaurant and Food service industry is one of our nation’s largest industries. With the huge growth of commercial food preparation facilities and restaurants comes the challenge of properly handling the waste generated.


Grease traps are used as a form of pre-treatment. A properly maintained grease trap separates the Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) from the waste stream before it enters the city sewer system, preventing sewer backups in the city’s sewer line. An improperly maintained grease trap fills up with FOG and food causing backups and resulting in offensive odors. More often than not, the backup just affects the individual food preparation facility creating a situation that must be fixed before normal operation can resume. It can take hours and even days for the problem to be remedied.


Grease Trap Cleaning/Pumping

Proper maintenance is pumping out the entire contents of the grease trap and washing it down on a regular schedule. Most cities with a municipal sewer system have their own rule on grease trap maintenance.


Why choose Northeast Texas Disposal?

Northeast Texas Disposal is the only local company investing in more efficient means of processing and handling this growing waste stream. Northeast Texas Disposal is dedicated to providing an overall better value to its customers. Northeast Texas Disposal has the right equipment and the right experience to get the job done in a timely manner, allowing for steady pricing in an ever inflating market.


Northeast Texas Disposal understands how stressful managing a popular restaurant can be and understands that grease trap service is often the last thing on your mind, until it backs up! With Northeast Texas Disposal as your maintenance company you can eliminate worrying about such backups. Northeast Texas Disposal pumps out the trap, washes it down and reports the service to the city’s Tracking Coordinator.


Our Service

Every service is done by a qualified technician, trained to be as clean and efficient as possible. Northeast Texas Disposal has custom built trucks with the right size tank and pumps to efficiently handle even the toughest jobs.


Grease Trap Cleaning Pricing

Pricing is evaluated on an individual basis. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.

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Grease Trap Cleaning